“David is nothing short of amazing. Hard working and patient, diligent, smart and genuinely invested. He's helped me navigate though the developments of my 2 years + case and negotiated a resolution much to my satisfaction. Throughout, he tirelessly demonstrated that he was not only on my side, but also by my side. If you're looking for help, counsel and representation, look no further, David is your guy.”



“Best Lawyer. Works hard with you to help win your case. We won mine against a difficult insurance company. He did a great job. Very thorough, clean cut, and organized. All my friends who have legal troubles I send David's way.”



"I am taking the time to write this review because David Pivtorak took so much time with me when I needed it the most. […] I should have called David sooner, much sooner and that’s the truth. I had mentally put myself through hell for months (12) in trying to figure it out on my own. […] In his confident, take all the time you need demeanor he listened, enquired and advised me in such a non-judgmental way, I actually smiled again. […] Through the process, he answered all my questions promptly. He telephoned me and emailed me to keep me up to
date. David succeeded in getting a successful outcome to my case and I am very appreciative of that. He is the best, a consummate professional lawyer, bar none. Without the slightest hesitation and with some fervor, I highly recommend David Pivtorak at Law. Don’t wait like I did, contact him and you will feel much better. Thanks for reading.”


“Highly Recommend! I hired David to represent me after a car accident. He was a clear communicator and always quick to respond to any questions I had. Tenacious and smart, he's the kind of lawyer you want on your side.”


"I was rear-ended while stopped at an intersection. The auto accident left me with serious injuries and significant pain. I claimed these injuries to the responsible party's insurance. […] The claims adjuster said nevertheless that they will not pay for any of my claims. They also told me they had cancelled the check they had sent to my mechanic for repairs to my car. I ended up having to pay the repairs out of pocket because the insurance company refused to honor the check they had written. I knew it was time to hire a lawyer. On recommendation of a long-time friend, I sought out Mr. Pivtorak for a legal consultation. He was incredibly reassuring from the beginning of the case until its successful conclusion. Mr. Pivtorak was able to use his expertise, experience and wherewithal to find creative solutions to my uniquely difficult case. He fought tirelessly for me every step of the way. From countless hours on the phone with doctors and insurance representatives to dealing with incredibly resolute and hostile opposing counsel, Mr. Pivtorak brought his acute legal mind and every weapon in his legal arsenal to bear in resolving my case. The insurance company initially offered practically nothing. […] After extensive negotiations the insurance company was still unwilling to offer a reasonable amount. Undaunted, Mr. Pivtorak increased the pressure on the insurance company, showing them that he was prepared to take my case all the way to trial. As a result, less than two weeks before the trial Mr. Pivtorak successfully negotiated an amazing settlement that made me feel completely compensated for my loss. I would highly recommend Mr. Pivtorak to anyone in a similar situation."